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Morten H. Christiansen

Co-Director of Cognitive Science at Cornell

  • 228 Uris Hall
  • Cornell University
  • Ithaca NY 14853-7601
    Office Hours:


Acquisition, processing and evolution of language; statistical learning of sequential structure; computational models of language and statistical learning; genetics of language, neurophysiological measures (ERP) of statistical learning and language; cognitive science/neuroscience.

Perception, Cognition & Development

Selected Publications

  • Monaghan, P., Shillcock, R.C., Christiansen, M.H. & Kirby, S. (2014). How arbitrary is language? Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 369, 20130299.

  • Baronchelli, A., Ferrer-i-Cancho, R., Pastor-Satorras, R., Chater, N. & Christiansen, M.H. (2013). Networks in cognitive science. Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 17, 348-360.

  • Frank, S.L., Bod, R. & Christiansen, M.H. (2012). How hierarchical is language use? Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 279, 4522-4531.

  • Christiansen, M.H., Conway, C.M & Onnis, L. (i2012). Similar neural correlates for language and sequential learning: Evidence from event-related brain potentials. Language and Cognitive Processes, 27, 231-256. download

  • de Vries, M.H., Geukes, S., Zwitserlood, P., Petersson, K.M. & Christiansen, M.H. (2012). Processing multiple non-adjacent dependencies: Evidence from sequence learning. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 367, 2065-2076. download

  • Monaghan, P., Christiansen, M.H. & Fitneva, S.A. (2011). The arbitrariness of the sign: Learning advantages from the structure of the vocabulary. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 140, 325-347. download

  • Chater, N. & Christiansen, M.H. (2010). Language acquisition meets language evolution. Cognitive Science, 34, 1131-1157. download

  • Misyak, J.B., Christiansen, M.H. & Tomblin, J.B. (2010). Sequential expectations: The role of prediction-based learning in language. Topics in Cognitive Science, 2, 138-153. download

  • Chater, N., Reali, F. & Christiansen, M.H. (2009). Restrictions on biological adaptation in language evolution. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 106, 1015-1020. download

  • Wells, J., Christiansen, M.H., Race, D.S., Acheson, D. & MacDonald, M.C. (2009). Experience and sentence processing: Statistical learning and relative clause comprehension. Cognitive Psychology, 58, 250-271. download

  • Christiansen, M.H. & Chater, N. (2008). Language as shaped by the brain. Behavioral & Brain Sciences, 31, 489-558 [target article with 28 peer commentaries and authors’ response]. download

  • Monaghan, P., Christiansen, M.H. & Chater, N. (2007). The Phonological-Distributional Coherence Hypothesis: Cross-linguistic evidence in language acquisition. Cognitive Psychology, 55, 259-305. download

  • Reali, F. & Christiansen, M.H. (2007). Processing of relative clauses is made easier by frequency of occurrence. Journal of Memory and Language, 57, 1-23. download

  • Conway, C.M. & Christiansen, M.H. (2006). Statistical learning within and between modalities: Pitting abstract against stimulus specific representations. Psychological Science, 17, 905-912. download

  • Farmer, T.A., Christiansen, M.H. & Monaghan, P. (2006). Phonological typicality influences on-line sentence comprehension. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 103, 12203-12208. download

  • MacDonald, M.C. & Christiansen, M.H. (2002). Reassessing working memory: A comment on Just & Carpenter (1992) and Waters & Caplan (1996). Psychological Review, 109, 35-54. download

  • Christiansen, M.H. & Chater, N. (1999). Toward a connectionist model of recursion in human linguistic performance. Cognitive Science, 23, 157-205. download

  • Christiansen, M.H., Allen, J. & Seidenberg, M.S. (1998). Learning to segment speech using multiple cues: A connectionist model. Language and Cognitive Processes, 13, 221-268. download


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