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Carol L. Krumhansl


  • 214 Uris Hall
  • Cornell University
  • Ithaca NY 14853-7601
    Office Hours:
    By appointment only, via email


Human perception and cognition; cognitive processes in music perception and memory; application of mathematical models to psychological data; multidimensional scaling and clustering

Perception, Cognition & Development

Selected Publications

  • Vines, B. W., Krumhansl, C. L., Wanderley, M. M., & Levitin, D. J. (in press). Perceiving affect and structure in music: The impact of seeing a musician perform. Cognition.

  • Krumhansl, C. L. (2005). The cognition of tonality – as we know it today. Journal of New Music Research, 33, 253-268.

  • Hannon, E. E., Snyder, J. S., Eerola, T., & Krumhansl, C. L. (2004). The role of melodic and temporal cues in perceiving musical meter. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance,30, 956-974.

  • Camurri, A., Krumhansl, C. L., Mazzarino, B., & Volpe, G. (2004). An exploratory study of anticipating human movement in dance. In Proceedings of the International Symposium on Measurement, Analysis and Modeling of Human Functions.

  • Toiviainen, P., & Krumhansl, C. L. (2003). Measuring and modeling real-time responses to music: Tonality induction. Perception, 32, 741-766.

  • Krumhansl, C. L. (2002). Music: A link between cognition and emotion. Current Directions in Psychological Science, 11, 45-50.

  • Snyder, J., & Krumhansl, C. L. (2001) Tapping to ragtime: Cues to pulse-finding. Music Perception, 18, 455-489.

  • Krumhansl, C.L., Toivanen, P., Eerola, T., Toivianinen, P., Järvinen, T., & Louhivuori, J. (2000) Cross-cultural music cognition: Cognitive methodology applied to North Sami yoiks. Cognition, 76, 13-58.

  • Krumhansl, C. L. (2000) Rhythm and pitch in music cognition. Psychological Bulletin, 126, 159-179.


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