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The Graduate Field of Psychology:
Frequently Asked Questions:

IMPORTANT NOTE: All application materials must be submitted online, via the online application system.

  • Transcripts and all other loose credentials should be uploaded to the application system.
  • For recommendation letters: the recommender will receive an email from CollegeNet, and will be requested to upload the letter of recommendation online.

Do not send paper materials; they will not be processed.

For any questions concerning this process, please email Pamela Cunningham with "Grad Application Question" in the subject line.

Admission Details

How do I apply to the graduate field of psychology? and follow the link to the online application.

What is the Application Deadline?
Application to be submitted from Applicant by December 15.

What are the entrance requirements?
• All the Graduate College requirements, which includes a baccalaureate degree or equivalent for students with foreign credentials. See the Graduate College Guidelines for details.
• Three letters of recommendation
• GRE general test

How are graduate students supported in Psychology?
All of our graduate students are guaranteed support for 4 years, 5 years if they apply for funding from 2 outside sources, regardless of whether those applications were successful. Typically, our graduate students are supported at all times, including during summers and beyond the fifth year, if needed. See for details.

I would like a paper application and materials mailed to me. How do I get them?
All application materials must be submitted online, via the online application system. No paper materials will be accepted.

How do I apply for financial aid?

What code do I use for the GRE code for Psychology?
Our institution code is: 2098
Our Department code is 2006 or 2016.

Who can I inquire about the status of my application or get information about the application process?
You can email Pamela Cunningham with "Grad Application" in the subject line to see that your materials have been received.

When will I hear?
Invitations for our annual recruitment weekend are typically made by the end of January, and a first round of admissions for fellowship candidates by the third week in February. Clearly inappropriate applications are usually winnowed out at the same time, so applications can be considered by alternate fields if the applicant has designated any. Thereafter, decisions continue on a rolling basis until April 15th, at which point all offers and acceptances must be finalized.

When and where can I take my GRE?

Graduate Education

Do you have to have an undergraduate major in psychology to apply?
Absolutely not - our incoming graduate students have had degrees in computer science, biology, fine arts, linguistics, mathematics and more. However, your record should demonstrate on what basis your informed decision to choose psychology for a graduate career is founded.

Are there any course requirements for admission?
No, but your background should be appropriate to your chosen course of study.

Is there a cutoff GRE score?
No, any application consists of the multiple factors of grades and courses chosen, recommendations, personal statement of goals, and research and other experience as well as scores.

Are any GRE subject tests required?

Are there any critical features in a graduate application you look for?
Demonstrated ability to do independent research, in the various forms of sponsored research in investigator's labs, either within academic programs or in jobs or internships.

Do you offer training or certification in clinical psychology?
No. Our sister department in the Human Development, in the School of Human Ecology, has a program with a somewhat more applied focus, but no school on the Ithaca campus offers certification in clinical psychology.

Do you offer training in Industrial psychology?

The researcher I'm most interested in belongs to several graduate fields. Where should I apply?
By all means consult with the professor, as requirements, funding sources and admissions procedures vary considerably between fields. It is possible to set up a secondary field of interest when you apply.

Do you offer a Master's in Psychology?
No, all applicants are considered for the Ph.D. program. Occasionally Master's degrees are awarded in case of shifts of interest in the course of graduate training.

How long does it take to get a Ph.D?
The median time-to-degree of our graduates is a little over five years, but a substantial number complete training in 4. Few require longer than 6 years.