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Behavioral & Evolutionary Neuroscience

The major areas of psychology represented in the department are Perception, Cognition and Development, Behavioral and Evolutionary Neuroscience, and Personality and Social Psychology. These areas are very broadly defined, and the courses are quite diverse.

The biopsychology group seeks to understand behavior and cognition through investigations of the integrated roles of evolution, development, and mechanisms. The emphasis is on naturalistic behaviors of animals and ecologically relevant behaviors of humans. Comparative perspectives are well represented, the full range of development, including aging, is investigated, and both social and non-social behaviors are explained. Core questions are, what are the mechanisms (brain, sensory, endocrine, and behavioral) that enable animals (including humans) to behave appropriately? How do these mechanisms work? How do they develop? How did they evolve?

People involved in Behavioral and Evolutionary Neuroscience in the Field of Psychology

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