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Cornell Psychology Alumni

Greetings alumni and friends of Cornell University's Department of Psychology! Some of you have graduated recently enough that you're still having those recurring dreams about walking into Psych class and finding the professor handing out an exam for which you haven't studied. Others of you evoke the classrooms and labs of Morrill Hall when you think of your program of study from over 30 years ago.

While we must diligently serve our current and prospective students, we know that thousands of undergraduates and hundreds of Ph.D. students have been associated with the department in its long history. We want all of you to find a warm welcome at our web site. 

We're always happy to hear from you: your news, either professional or personal; your comments about the department and the new version of the website. We maintain an in-house database of contact information for our former graduate students, so we are especially interested in hearing from those individuals. And if you maintain an interest or affinity with the department and you want to see it grow and succeed, we welcome your support. Programmatic needs always seem to outstrip our financial resources. Gifts can be directed through the Cornell Fund by sending a note with your check or by specifying "Department of Psychology"in the "Other gift designation" field of the online form.

Your comments or questions can be addressed to Linda LeVan at the Department of Psychology.